Semu's upbringing from Africa to the Americas has allowed him to bridge the world & shape him to be a poster child for 3rd world countries. 

"I have been over looked, like the Africas & Islands, seems some would rather capitalize on the pandemics, & help themselves. Still we survive, we our survivors" 

The self proclaimed Bandit is a product of the Idi Amin Era, & one of tomorrows promised artist with the power to create change. The story of the self proclaimed "Afriking" is one of humble beginnings. 

Featured on BET and Music Choice, Semu U Combines ethnic dialects & energies with Western sounds & rhythms, Semu U & company have chartered new terrioty. SEMU considers himself to be a citizen of the worl & throughout his tumultuous life struggle; music was the primary inspiration that kept his head up and his heart beating. This leading Semu to criss cross the country & world to collaborate with accredited artists, directors, & producers to fine tune his own unique style & sound. Semu U after due time is now positioned to be the voice of a New Generation.

Semu's new project hosted by DJ VIP will be  his newest offering and will be released internationally.